At More Than Mobility we are a Cosyfeet stockist. 

Cosyfeet Extra Roomy Footwear is designed to be the most comfortable footwear available for anyone with swollen or extra wide feet - over 11,000 Health Care Professionals recommend Cosyfeet.

Cosyfeet footwear is wider, deeper and roomier than any other footwear, so there is no need to order a larger shoe size than normal in order to get the extra room you need.  With a wide range of women and men’s shoes in a variety of styles (lace ups, touch fastening, Leather, Elastane and Fabric) there will be a shoe design suitable for you and your lifestyle.

Cosyfeet Key Features:

  • Wider, deeper and roomier footwear - no need to order a larger shoe size!
  • Wide range of Women and Men's Shoes and Slippers in a variety of styles.
  • Extra Roomy Socks & Hosiery Range - designed to fit puffy or swollen feet and legs. Including cotton, wool, thermal, travel and lightweight socks and foot, ankle tights, hold ups and stockings.
  • Foot Care Collection - to relieve pain and enjoy comfort again. Including nail and foot conditioning, toe care, heel solution, bunion relief, specialist insoles and underfoot comfort.

We first encountered Cosyfeet when one of our team was ordering for her mum who had an attack of gout and Cosyfeet were a real life saver. Her Mum, who is a smart dresser, absolutely did not want to have to go out in slippers but her normal shoes were just too painful. With a set of Cosyfeet slippers for indoor and boots for getting out and about she was able to get around much better and with a lot less pain. So if you need a wider fitting shoe or straps with extensions to cope with bandages etc., then Cosyfeet is a great range to consider. They have really considered how to make their shoes comfortable whatever options you might need.  And it’s hard to feel good if your feet are hurting.

And not forgetting Cosyfeet Extra Roomy Sock and Hosiery Range.  We believe that ill-fitting socks and hosiery can cause as much discomfort and sometimes as much damage as ill-fitting footwear. Cosyfeet’s Extra Roomy sock and hosiery ranges are designed to fit puffy or swollen feet and legs and are ideal for anyone who finds conventional products too tight. We also offer some socks and hosiery in a standard fitting together with other carefully chosen items designed to help improve foot and leg comfort.

Visit our store to view the full range or call us on 01752 673367 for more information and how to order for delivery.