Insurance is not compulsory for the driving of mobility scooters and power-chairs; however, the Department of Transport states: 

‘Although it is not a legal requirement, an insurance policy is strongly advised.” 

We therefore highly recommend that you take out insurance on your mobility scooter or power-chair.

We work with our insurance partner, Mark Bates, who offer 1 to 3 year insurance products for scooters and power-chairs starting at £96 a year (or £8.41 per month). 

Mark Bates also offer insurance on manual wheelchairs starting from as little as £31 per annum.

For more information on insurance products please ask in store or click on the links below to get the contact details for Mark Bates.

Click here for more information on Mark Bates Insurance.

Mark Bates Insurance

Extended Warranty

All our new mobility scooter and power-chairs come with a full 12 month’s warranty. However, although Mobility Scooters and power-chairs are made to a very high standard, occasionally they can go wrong. If they do, they can be very expensive to repair.

Protect yourself from these costs with our extended warranty service for only £124.00 per year. 1 to 4 year extended warranty products are available.

Please ask in store or give us a call on 01752 673367 for more information.