Adjustable Beds

More Than Mobility are a leading supplier of Electric Adjustable Beds.  Whatever your needs either single, small double, double, kingsize or super king there is an adjustable bed for you. 

Electric Adjustable Beds are developed for anybody who would like to find different positions to relax in bed. These beds allow you to raise your head end, feet end or both together in order to find your perfect relax and sleep position.

If one partner wants adjustable and one not then we can provide a dual adjustable bed with two independent mattresses allowing each partner to have their ideal.

All our Adjustable Beds come with the full range of mattress types – pocket sprung, reflex, pocket memory foam or original memory foam.

View our bestsellers below and visit our Plymouth store or call 01753 673367 for more information - our local team are always on hand to answer your questions.

1. Richmond Adjustable Bed

The Drive Richmond electric adjustable bed makes relaxation and a good night sleep an affordable and very comfortable reality. Manufactured in the UK, the Richmond is available with an excellent choice of mattresses including the new Restwell Memory Foam mattress. Featuring a five-part, fully adjustable, multi-slat bed mattress support system. 

The beds adjustable base, which is powered by a very quiet electric motor, can be quickly and smoothly adjusted to the user's desired position, to deliver maximum levels of comfort, whilst its innovative design provides excellent support for the five key areas; knees, hips, back, neck and head. This can help to alleviate aches and pains and distribute localised pressure.

Key Features:
  • Strong, craftsman built and quality upholstered divan base
  • 42 slat base
  • Five-part, fully adjustable
  • Broad range of models and sizes available
  • Low voltage 6 button multi-position handset

2. Devon Adjustable Bed

Mains powered, the Devon bed offers a wide range of positioning options, that not only allows the user to find the find the most comfortable and relaxing position, for sleeping, reading a book or watching television, but also allowing the beds position to be altered to provide the user with assistance when getting into and out of bed. The bed has a very quiet, electric motor, operated by a very simple and easy to use five button hand controller. The simple to use five button hand controller lets you adjust every aspect of the bed, allowing you to set the position for your head, neck, back, hips and knees. The beds excellent design and high quality construction ensures effective weight distribution and even support, helping to sooth those aches and pains and ease pressure.

Key Features:

  • Strong, UK craftsman-built and quality upholstered divan base
  • 42 multi-slatted base
  • Five part fully adjustable multi slat action
  • Broad range of sizes available
  • Low voltage 6 button multi-position handset
  • Provides the option of under bed storage
  • Standard leg length 20cm (8")

Visit our Plymouth store or call 01753 673367 for more information.